Tag: Developmentally Appropriate Practice

Child Development Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are all the rage and seem to be available for everything from meals to clothes to science experiments! With that in mind Anna Hall, an Ohio Family Consumer Sciences teacher, created this Child Development Subscription Box as a way to culminate her infancy unit. In this project, students think like employees as they select age and developmentally appropriate activities for their infant based subscriptions boxes. Read on to learn more!

DAP: Developmentally Appropriate Practice

If you teach child development or a related course where students are learning about or developing materials for young children, you are most likely teaching about developmentally appropriate practice.  We all know as educators that children and activities are not all created equal!  This lesson introduces students to this concept with an interactive introductory activity and then continues with student exploration of the concept and what it entails.  Students also explore what can happen when developmentally appropriate practices are ignored.  Finally students participate in a variety of activity stations to determine if DAP or not!