Teacher of the Month: Kelli Cothran

Kelli CThis month’s teacher of the month is Kelli Cothran, a Fashion Design and Fashion Marketing teacher at ​Prosper High School in Texas. She is a second year teacher, and Oklahoma State graduate who LOVES what she does.

“I am a people person through and through and I enjoy teaching students relevant/real world skills that will make them the best person they can be. ​I let my students be creative in all of their projects and express their personalities through design.”

Describe your best lessons

A few lessons I have taught the last two years have been trend-spotting fashions (what they think will be the most popular trends for that year), designing their own boutique, interviewing their parents about what their parents fashion was like back when they were younger for fashion history, designing infinity scarves, designing window displays in a shoe box and at local boutiques, and fashion illustration.

Describe how you are innovative

I am only 23 so keeping things fresh and trendy are what I am most proud of while still having the traditional foundation of what Family and Consumer Science classes were based on. I have my students style current celebrities, come up with ways to refashion clothing to make it modern and design t-shirts for our school store. Here are some pictures of my students’ projects.

Why is Family and Consumer Sciences Important?

FACS classes at the high school level are so important to the success of our students. I went to a high school where these classes were not offered in abundance and I think it is so important to have an outlet for students to express themselves through the way the dress, eat, build relationships with others, and become the person that they are. Someday my students will enter the work field and start a family of their own, I hope that I give them the skills and drive to make it the best life they can.

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