Tourism Lessons

Time Frame: 1 – 3 blocks (your call)


  • 10.1 Analyze career paths within the hospitality, tourism and recreation industries.
  • 10.1.4 Analyze the impact of hospitality occupations on local, state, national, and global economies.
  • 10.5.4 Assemble information needed for domestic and international travel.
  • 10.5.5 Produce travel documents and itineraries, utilizing current technology.


  • Have students get up and talk to each other questions about their travels.


  • Computer Lab
  • Projector


  • If possible contact your local AAA office and have a travel agent come in and talk to your class about travel and about travel related careers.
  • Have a class discussion on travel and the travel industry. The PowerPoint below will help guide that discussion. Have students take notes on the discussion not just on the slides.


  • There are several activities you can do depending on time. There are two projects (see attachments) that have students plan a vacation for a specific amount of money. There is also a mini assignment that has students create a timeline of how the travel/tourism industry changed over time in America. Finally, there is also an assignment (1 page paper) about the future of tourism/travel that makes students think about what new things there may be and what restrictions may be enforced.



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