Introduction to Vegetables

Vegetables, is one of those topics that is just lacking luster nevertheless, I start my second year culinary students off with the vegetable unit-but in an exciting way that I like to call the be brave taste test! In this introductory lesson, students get to taste ten different vegetables prepared a variety of ways, as well as learn how vegetables are classified.


  • Students will classify vegetables.
  • Students will compare and contrast tastes, flavors, textures, and cooking methods of a variety of vegetables.


  • I have all my samples ready and as students come into class I give them a paper plate,¬† fork and worksheet. I start with a little pep talk encouraging students to be brave enough to taste all the vegetables. However, I do not force students to try everything. If they abstain they must ask a peer what the dish tasted like so he/she can still fill in his/her chart.

Background for Teachers

  • Every year I usually pick slightly different vegetables and/or recipes for my students to taste but here is a list of what I have had them try:
  • Isn’t this all a lot of prep work for me? Well, of course it is. I usually do it the day before and reheat everything for the class to taste. Another option is to have a Food Aide or student make all the dishes.


  • Have your students start with the vegetable worksheet¬† that references Food for Today, Student Edition chapter 31. There are three different worksheets below that are laid out differently. I have used each one so go with your preference.
  • After students finish the worksheet, describe each vegetable you are having them taste. Ask the class to name the vegetable’s classification without looking at their worksheets. Describe how you prepared each vegetable and the temperature at which it should be served.


  • Introduction to Vegetables Worksheet
  • Taste test vegetables & fill out chart




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