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Teach a Teen Living course and looking for current materials? Be sure to check out Pat Papazoglou of Beloit, Wisconsin. In this post she shares her Teen Living website with us which focuses extensively on middle school curriculum. Her outstanding website covers a lot of different topics from money management to textiles and sewing to child care and family!


In a previous post, Patricia Papazoglou of Beloit, Wisconsin shared her impressive website, Real Food Grows with us!  Since then she has created a Teen Living website for use in her online FACS classes. In this curriculum, Pat focused on universal design principles in order to improve student experience and achievement and is committed to keeping Family and Consumer Science curriculum current and accessible for everyone.

Currently Pat is teaching FACS classes completely online.  Culinary Arts 1 &2  is an example of how students thrive in this environment. Students do their cooking labs at home and upload visual presentations including video which is super fun. In addition, she teaches Restaurant management, Hotels and Tourism, Cosmetology 1 & 2 and Fashion and Design 1 & 2. Pat believes that we need to embrace the online forum as FACS teachers are hard to come by and budgets are shrinking in schools.

To learn more about Pat, you can check out her “About ” link on her website.


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