Real Food Grows

Patricia Papazoglou of Beloit, Wisconsin shared this impressive website, Real Food Grows!  The website is an 8 week course covering nutrition and basic cooking skills for healthy living.  I took some time to really explore this website and it’s chock-full of relevant information to teach topics such as sports nutrition, food borne illness, nutrients, grains, proteins, sustainability and culminates with a cookbook project.  There is even a sequence guide provided if you’re not sure how to order the unit of plans.

The website is set up in an organized, easy to use, tab friendly format with links embedded throughout.  This would be an excellent resource for a beginning teacher, as well as a veteran teacher who needs to update their curriculum and interject some fresh ideas!  So, what are you waiting for?  Check it out and see what it has to offer!


  • Patricia created this course because she was a Family & Consumer Science teacher who had moved to multiple states and schools throughout her career.  Most schools had very little in the way of written curriculum and current textbooks.  Patricia wanted a good solid foods class that spoke to the issues of the day, that could remain in tact even if the teacher changed.  Because it was her own creation, Patricia was able to take it with her whenever she moved, make changes and add current trends in food, nutrition and cooking as needed. The course is offered as an open educational resource (OER). Currently, Patricia is an intern with Dr. Susan Manning, coauthor of Online Education for Dummies (2009) and Technology Toolbelt for Teaching (2010).


  • iPads or Laptops



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