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  • Advertising (PDF) “Students will learn to identify advertising techniques, evaluate advertisements from different media sources, and create an advertisement for the class store.”
  • Bowl of Milk (PDF) “The purpose for this activity is to decode “mixed messages” that teens are constantly exposed to regarding sexuality and sexual behavior. It also helps teens “visually” see how these mixed messages may impact their sexual decisions and the role that hormones may play in those decisions.”
  • Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker (Link) This lesson is to help students chose a career by researching different industries.
  • Buying, Selling, Profits (PDF) “Students will examine both sides of clothing market, from consumer perspective as well as business owner.”
  • Checkbook (PDF) “Students will be able to write a check, balance a checkbook, and reconcile bank statement with a personal check register.”
  • Developing a Life Management Plan (PDF) “Students will learn about values & goals and the importance of making decisions about life choices through the development of a life-management plan.”
  • Discovering Why I am Who I am (PDF) “The student will learn, and come to appreciate their family history and traditions.”
  • Discovering Leadership (PDF) “Utilize FCCLA’s Dynamic Leadership, to promote personal growth and leadership development. Then integrate leadership skills into all FCCLA National Program projects and activities.”
  • Discovering Your Family (PDF) “The students will gain understanding of their own family dynamics by researching family history.”
  • Entrepreneur Business Project (PDF) “This Power of One activity will help students create a business to reach a personal goal.”
  • Family Finance
  • Flowerpots & Families (PDF) “To define family and to understand the characteristics of strong families.”
  • Making Good Decisions (PDF) “Students will identify the effects and consequences of using and abusing alcohol and drugs.”
  • Values Auction (PDF) “Students will assess what they value most in life as they use play money to spend at a class auction on the items they value
    the most. Students will see the differences in their opinions versus their classmates’ opinions on what they value most.”




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