Food Borne Illness Animoto Project

This is an investigative project for students to research specific food borne illnesses in more depth and then visually showcase them through Animoto, a free site that turns photos and video clips into professional video slideshows in minutes.

Print Friendly, PDF & Email Personal Finance for the Technologically Savvy Generation

Teaching personal finance can be a challenge especially if you have all the old, outdated resources that emphasis doing just about all your budgeting, check writing, goal setting, etc on paper. Students start the eye roll as soon as you hand out the “how to write a check” worksheet. Granted, they should know how to fill out a check even if they only use their debit card now. The world is changing and we want students to be turned on to being good financial stewards. This means we need to help them find technologically advanced ways to keep track of their spending, budget, and set goals. One of my personal favorite free personal finance websites is

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Meatball Lab

Time Frame: 1.5 Hour block Objective The student will prepare and evaluate a recipe of meatballs according to the skills and techniques they have learned in meat cookery. Set Show a short video on how to make meatballs like this…

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Housing of the Future: Tin Can Houses

This activity helps students to get in the mind set of interior and architectural design. Aleksandr Mergold and Jason Austin architects from Pennsylvania have come up with the innovative idea of making pre-fabricated housing using farm grain dryers. This housing challenge provokes students to design innovate housing using tin cans.

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Be Safe not Sorry Cartoon

There are thousands of ways to teach safety and sanitation to your students. This lesson is primarily lecture with fill in the blank notes and a safety cartoon for homework to reinforce what they learned.

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