Choosing a Place to Live

This is an innovative real life problem solving lesson on choosing a place to live. I came up with it when I was student teaching and was myself in search of a job and place to live. So, I had my students use my scenario to find me a place to live. I gave them lists of my needs and wants and had them try to persuade me to choose the location they chose for me. I made it into a competition-the group that found a location that fulfilled the most needs & wants off my list and did the best job persuading me won.

Discovering Your Life’s Purpose

The subject of purpose is often not taught in school. It brings up lots of other questions and often the uncomfortable topics of belief and religion for the teacher and student alike. The goal of this lesson is to help students examine their past which they cannot change, create their present, and plan and dream for their future to be satisfied with their lives when it is all said and done. The students will investigate what they want out of life and what they can contribute to society during their life times.

Life Skills Skillathon

A skillathon is a hands-on way of learning where students roate through a series of stations with specific tasks to master at each station. In this life skills skillathon students learn how to do laundry, fold laundry, take out stains, sew on buttons, tie a tie, iron clothes, and find colors that look good on them. I used this for high school seniors but I think it could be used just as well for middle schoolers.

College Project

Get your college bounds students prepared with this detailed project preparing them for life on the college campus. Have them choose their courses before they leave, plan a budget, apply for scholarships, and create a campus map.

Dietary Analysis

Objective Students will evaluate their own diets, sleep, and exercise to see if they are healthy or not and set goals that will help improve upon their diets, exercise, or amount of sleep. Set Ask the students if they consider…

Bag Market

A one day mini lesson on fashion marketing coupled with a bag design competition. This lesson is especially good for an introduction to fashion design.