Good Relationship Resources

Dibble Fund: a research based organization that provides educational tools for educators to educate teens on how to be emotionally healthy and have healthy relationships. Their latest Icebreakers: it is important to lay a good foundation for a class that…

How to Take a Movie Clip

Have you ever seen a scene from a movie and thought, “Wow that would be good to show my students!” Well, thanks to technology it is now easy to take movie clips from DVD’s and show them to your students. There are many programs that do this but my favorite one is AOA DVD RIPPER. It is free to use if you take a clip less than 10 minutes long and for my purposes ten minutes is plenty.

Comparison Food Shopping: Buying Groceries for Two People for One Week

Basically this lesson is a challenge for students to make nutritious meals using the food guide pyramid for $60 a week and to find all their pricing and food choices from local grocery store fliers. The students would cut out what they wanted to purchase and paste them on a food pyramid chart for each meal. The students would then total the amount of dollars spent and estimate the amount of calories consumed for each meal.

Thanksgiving Pie Fundraiser

Last year my students did a Thanksgiving pie fundraiser-selling pumpkin and apple pies. I used Libby’s Pumpkin Pie recipe found here. I purchased my containers at Ocean State Job lot because I could not find them in mass quantity at…


If your school is lucky enough to have an on site restaurant it is probably the best way to give students the most practical experience and raise money. Usually culinary program run restaurants are only open for breakfast or lunch and offer a lower cost menu for the community.

Faculty Lunches

By law culinary programs cannot compete with their local food service, however this does not apply to faculty and staff. Some schools have their students take lunch orders from faculty and deliver their lunches to their rooms in a boxed lunch fashion. Another way to do it is to host the lunch in the culinary or faculty room itself and have faculty and staff pay at the door. This gives the students the opportunity to practice both the front and back of the house.