Culinary Fundraisers

Create Your Own Omelet: Panini Grill Lab

There are appliances and then there are appliances! Some do only what they were created for such as a donut maker while others are great uni-taskers, capable of completing the most unique foods. My students wanted to see the capabilities of some uni-tasking appliances (as well as learn how to make omelets) and thus the omelet lab was created. And, this.lab.was.AWESOME!! I have never had so much positive feedback with a lab as I did this one. So, enjoy this fun lab and share your most unique recipe prepared on a panini grill in the comments section below.

Whoopie Pies

Looking for a fun, simple, delicious dessert with many variations to make in class or at home?  Look no further!  Depending on where you grew up, you may or may not have experienced this wonderful treat called a “Whoopie Pie”. …

Grains unit: Day 4 Pasta Fundraiser

Day 4 of the grains unit is the pasta fundraiser. I chose to do pasta as this unit’s fundraiser because most students have cooked pasta before so they have a foundation to help with the intensity that a fundraiser can bring. Depending on the semester and the student’s abilities I have done several different pasta fundraisers.

Thanksgiving Ideas for your Classroom

The holiday season can be stressful for us as the students get riled up in anticipation of school break, classes get shorter making it hard to cram our lessons into half days, and our personal lives get busy. I personally view holidays as a way to celebrate with students and take some of the pressure off of the normal academia pacing that at this time of the semester can leave us all exhausted. Here are a few holiday ideas to either help your department raise money, fit in some extra holiday excitement, or comply with a half day schedule.

Lasagna Take Home Meal Fundraiser

Prepare this delicious sausage lasagna as a take home meal fundraiser or in your student restaurant. Read more for tips on how to make this fundraiser a success and download a profit spreadsheet to get you started.

Chicken Pot Pie Fundraiser

I have a love hate relationship with pot pies. I love them because they make my culinary program lots of money but I hate them because they are so much work to pull off the quantity I make in my home style kitchen classroom.

Gourmet Mac & Cheese Take Home Meal Fundraiser

Well, I don’t remember much of this gourmet Mac & Cheese fundraiser because I was in the clinic getting my hand stitched back together. Be careful cutting big blocks of cheese! Anyhow, this is a lovely gourmet version of Mac & Cheese sure to please as at take home meal.

Stuffed Shells Take Home Meal Fundraiser

Prepare these delicious stuffed shells as a fundraiser or in your student restaurant. Read more for tips on how to make this fundraiser a success and a profit spreadsheet to get you started.

Burritos- Take Home Meals Fundraiser

Prepare this delicious burrito bake as a take home meal fundraiser or serve it in your student restaurant. Tips on how to make this fundraiser a success with the evaluation, labels, and order form to help you get started.

Chicken Broccoli Fettuccine Alfredo Fundraiser

At the end of the grains, pasta, and rice unit we usually do a pasta fundraiser. This chicken, broccoli, fettuccine Alfredo is a popular choice among the faculty that can purchase this for lunch or as a take home meal.