Teacher of the Month

Each month you’ll have the chance to send us your story on how you are being an innovative Family and Consumer Science teacher. We’ll pick one winner and we’ll write an article that will appear on the front page of the site describing who they are and what makes them an innovative Family and Consumer Science Teacher!

Some restrictions apply;  you must be over 18, be a family and consumer science teacher,  and be a US resident. Entries must be emailed to feedback@familyconsumersciences.com and include a write up about yourself answering the questions below as well as a minimum of two pictures one of you and at least one of your student’s projects. You may not submit pictures of students since the pictures would require students’ consent to publish on the internet.  Video entries are encouraged and can be submitted by first uploading them to You Tube then sending a link to your video in an email. Entries will be accepted until midnight, the last day of every month.

Please send us an email answering the following questions:

  • Your Position (high school, middle school, post secondary)
  • State you teach in
  • How long you’ve been teaching & why you enjoy teaching FACS
  • Give at least one example of the innovative teaching strategies or lessons that you have employed.
  • Describe how you keep up with the latest trends in Family and Consumer Sciences.
  • Any other stories or commentary about your teaching experience (optional)
  • Include at least two pictures including one of you OR submit your answers via a short video uploaded to YouTube.

Email Your Entry To: feedback@familyconsumersciences.com

FamilyConsumerSciences.com in its sole discretion will choose a winner based on having met the criterion stated above.

1 comment for “Teacher of the Month

  1. mrose774
    September 27, 2010 at 10:24 pm

    What a wonderful idea! Sometimes our department is overlooked on being recognized as the core educators are more likely to receive such an honor.

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