Health Challenges: Reducing Childhood Obesity News Report

As part of my unit on nutrition and young children in my Child Development class, I feel very strongly that id-10069058-2childhood obesity needs to be addressed.  Students need to know that this is an epidemic that is not going away any time soon. In order to understand the causes, concerns and consequences of this issue, I put together the following lesson and activities to help promote awareness to this pandemic disease in the form of a live news report.


  • Laptops or iPads
  • Project & Screen
  • Green Screen (optional)


  • To help students learn more about what childhood obesity means and the causes, I have them navigate through the Alliance for a Healthier Generation Website and answer questions (see attachments).
  • After students obtain answers and background information, they form groups of 3 and create a news report.  Each of the 3 students has an assigned role:  News Anchor, Interviewer, Interviewee.
  • The objective of the news report is to produce a live news report for television about how the following topics ( Decreasing Screen Time & Increasing Physical Activity) play a role in reducing childhood obesity.  They need to include an interview with a person (interviewee) associated with the issue as well as include a commercial that advertises a “healthy, nutritious snack” for young children (see guide sheet below).
  • Students write their script and select intro and outro music, logos, commercials and products and background for their news report.  The great thing about this presentation is that it can be performed live or if you have access to a green screen and iMovie technology, you can have your students actually film these and then watch them in class.


  • This is a good lesson to show the Fed Up Documentary if time permits as it elaborates on a lot of the above information and provides for great discussion.  Attached below is a Web that I have my students fill out as they are viewing and use to drive the discussion.


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  1. December 28, 2016 at 2:18 am

    It is great to hear that nutrition and the problem of obesity are being taught to our children. It seems like the news report helps keep the children interested in the subject while teaching them about obesity. Nice work!

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