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How old are the cooking DVD’s or VHS tapes (ikes) on your shelf? I had the pleasure of reviewing Math Skills for Measurements by QuannaGourmet. LaQuanna Sparkman, a former Family and Consumer Science teacher took to creating her own videos after showing her fair share of dated videos that had students more focused on actors’ clothes and hair styles than content. LaQuanna has a series of cooking DVD’s that offer updated looks, great information, and a decent price.

Chapters covered in the Math Skills for Measurements Dvd:

  • Tools used for measuring in the kitchen
  • The two basic systems of measurements
  • Units of measurement for volume and equivalents
  • Units of measurement for weight and equivalents
  • Time an temperature in the kitchen
  • Increasing and decreasing recipes in the kitchen
  • Special measuring techniques

In the Math Skills for Measurements Dvd, LaQuanna presents conversions in a visual way and then gives an opportunity to have students review their equivalents by asking a question like “how many cups are in a gallon?” and giving a moment for students to silently figure out the answer before moving on.

Here is a preview:


To order your copy of Math Skills for Measurements please click here. If you use this video or one of QuannaGourmet’s other videos in your classroom please let us know how you like them by leaving a comment below.


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