Polyvore: Virtual Fashion Curation

Time frame: Once you get them going they are not going to want to stop!


  • Elements & Principles of design
  • Color Selection
  • Visual Layout




  • Computer lab and projector
  • This one is tricky without access to Facebook or Twitter because Polyvore lets you sign up with your login through these sites. However, you are able to create a set immediately without signing up but for students to save their work they are going to have to register.


  • Have your students create a fashion board on Polyvore. Polyvore.com is a website that allows one to create a “set” as they call it with various clothes, backgrounds, effects, text, etc. It took me only 2 minutes to figure out so you’re students will get the concept super quick!
  • Create Polyvore fashion challenges by writing adjectives, colors, and atmosphere on pieces of paper and putting them in three bowls (or download one that’s done for you below). Pick one paper from each bowl e.g. Ecstatic, Neon, Office and give your class a set amount of time to come up with the best Polyvore set that represent the combination of those words.
  • Discuss each student’s board as a class by having each student present why they chose each item and how the emotion is carried through the choices and layout. Discuss visual appeal and how the elements and principles of design help make a set more visually attractive.


  • After drawing three words, give students 15 minutes to create their first Polyvore set. Believe me you want a time limit because it is captivating. Repeat for as many times as a given class allows.


  • For homework have students create their own Polyvore collection that best reflects their own style for the following occasions:
    • School
    • Meet the parents
    • Prom
    • Weekend
    • Hot Date


  • Have students create their own Magazine Article writing about fashion and laying out the design of the page.



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