Do you need $600 for a Class Project?

Sonic Drive In has partnered with to give away thousands of dollars to fund public school teacher’s projects that will promote student learning.


  • Public School Teacher
  • Awards up to $600
  • Submit an essay describing the project with catchy title
  • Projects get voted on and the projects with the most votes win
  • Voting begins August 29th, 2011
  • To see all the details Click Here

I know you Family and Consumer Science teachers have lots of projects that could use a little extra cash –that’s one downside to being in such a hands on supply intense subject area. We come with a lot of things–whether it be toys and little people furniture for our preschools, or sewing machines and kitchen equipment for our high schools. The good news is there is free money out there– so lets take advantage and submit a large number of FACS projects! You can submit more than one project so don’t be shy!

Not a FACS teacher? Don’t have or want to submit a project? This fall, make sure you go to the site and vote for the best projects anyway!

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