Interactive Entrepreneurship

Johnny Money: An Entrepreneurial Experience

Teach your students about entrepreneurship through a free online interactive game sponsored by the Young Entrepreneur Foundation. The game allows students to start a fictitious retail store. After set up is complete students make business decisions on advertising, donating to local charities, managing their employees, operating costs, inventory control, paying bills, taking out loans, etc. There are also surprises thrown their way such as on the job injuries and natural disasters. Throughout the game students will become familiar with monthly reports such as a balance sheet and cash flow statements. The game is scored and students compete against each other.

Teachers can check in on student’s progress through class reports and base class discussion off monthly reports. The teacher’s manual offers a list of discussion topics to coincide with the game so students can further connect the game to the real world experiences of a business man or woman. Some sample questions include, “if offered fewer working hours in order to keep your job, would you accept?” “Did anything occur during the simulation that you could not control? How did you decide to move forward during those events?”


  • Johnny Money
  • Dog and Pony: also airs free episodes of  BNET’s interviews with entrepreneurs. They are short clips all under 10 minutes perfect for a lesson introduction or closing to a class.

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  1. Jennifer
    September 30, 2016 at 11:44 am

    Has anyone played this? How long does it take?

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