Child Development Textbooks


The Developing Child
o ISBN: 0205474535 Publisher: Allyn & Bacon Year: 2006

Child Development
o ISBN: 0205449131 Publisher: Allyn & Bacon Year: 2006 Author: Laura E. Berk

Child Development
o ISBN: 0072967439 Publisher: McGraw-Hill Humanities Year: 2007 Author: John W Santrock

The Development of Children
o ISBN: 0716755556 Publisher: Worth Publishers Year: 2004

The Whole Child: Development Education for the Early Years
o ISBN: 0131195921 Authors: Patricia Weissman Joanne Hendrick Publisher: Prentice Hall Year: 2005

Working with Young Children
o ISBN: 978-1-59070-813-2 Author: Judy Herr, Ed.D. Publisher: Goodheart-Wilcox Year: 2008

Children: The Early Years
o ISBN:9781590705858 Author: Celia Anita Decker, Ed.D. Publisher: Goodheart-Wilcox Year: 2006

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